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SAnDReS became operational on 12 January 2016 at the Laboratory of Computational Systems Biology in Porto Alegre, RS Brazil as version number 1.0.1. SAnDReS was developed by Dr. Walter F. de Azevedo Jr. with help from Gabriela Bitencourt-Ferreira, Amauri Duarte da Silva, Maurício Boff de Ávila, and Mariana Morrone Xavier ( Xavier et al., 2016). SAnDReS version 1.2.0 is expected to be released on January, 12 2019. 

Developer Team

Prof. Walter F. de Azevedo Jr. (Programmer and Creator of the SAnDReS)

Mr. Amauri Duarte da Silva (Programmer who developed SAnDReS Installers)

Ms. Gabriela Bitencourt Ferreira (Tester, The annoying pErSon who insisTs on finding bugs in thE SAnDReS)   CV Lattes